Debt – with footnotes

Here is the latest version of my project to typeset David Graeber’s book Debt: The First 5,000 Years with footnotes instead of endnotes.

At the moment, I have each chapter uploaded individually; 2 through 5 have been proofread, but the rest vary in quality. This is because Optical Character Recognition for PDFs is, while quite good, decidedly unreliable. If you find errors, please notify me at my username (in the URL) at gmail.

The PDFs were generated in TeXShop.

Chapter 1: On the Experience of Moral Confusion
Chapter 2: The Myth of Barter
Chapter 3: Primordial Debts
Chapter 4: Cruelty and Redemption
Chapter 5: A Brief Treatise on the Moral Grounds of Economic Relations
Chapter 6: Games with Sex and Death
Chapter 7: Honor and Degradation, or, On the Foundations of Contemporary Civilization
Chapter 8: Credit Versus Bullion, And the Cycles of History
Chapter 9: The Axial Age (800 BC – 600 AD)
Chapter 10: The Middle Ages (600 AD – 1450 AD)
Chapter 11: The Age of the Great Capitalist Empires (1450 – 1971)
Chapter 12: The Beginning of Something Yet To Be Determined (1971 – ?)


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